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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The Numerology of Eraserhead

One of the oddities of this film is its unusual tendency to revolve events around the number 13:

When Henry enters the elevator and pushes the button, it takes 13 seconds for the doors to close.
In Henry's dream, he hears a knock at his door. He opens the door and looks out into the hallway.
His neighbor appears out of the darkness 13 seconds later!

During the same scene the neighbor has two lines seperated by a long pause,
"I locked myself out of my apartment."
(Start counting now. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13)
"And it's so cold."

Henry's apartment number is 26. (2x13=26).
Mary's address is 2416. (2+4+1+6=13)!!!
What even the people that created the movie did not notice is that not only does the address add up to 13, which is how many colonies the United States started with with the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia,  there is something that is mirror imaged about the address. It is the fact that if you add the first two digits together you get 6 and if you add the second two digits together you get 7. But that is a mirror image of an address our family lived in in Plantation Florida. The address is 5251 SW 4th Court. If you add the first two digits of that address you get 7, and if you add the second two digits you get 6, and if you add 17and then add the 7 and the 6 you  get 1776, and my age at the time of 13. God speaks to people in ways you would not think He/She does, but he does.     

It’s a three-hour psychotropic odyssey that throws conventional narrative out of the window. Characters mutate and morph, time zones overlap, and wormholes connect worlds within worlds within worlds."

Of course the spider is mentioned as being an important part of the movie "Eraserhead", and the number 13 associated with the 13th tribe                   

In about 1957 or 58 our dad took me to the place in Dania Florida where he was an engineer and Plant Manager. The name of the company was: Concrete Pipe Products, which changed within just a matter of about 4 years to a company that was government contract based called Martin Marietta. On a Saturday, and a Saturday Mike was not with us I went with our dad to visit the place, and see part of what our dad did for a living. On that day part of the drafting department, for which our dad was the head of, made a spider for me out of an eraser that had been darkened by India ink, so it was black, and had made legs out of rubber bands. He had also had taken a piece of thread, and connected to the spider. He handed to me, and said "go scare the girls". 
I was not aware of it, but I guess by that time Mike had been shown Neil's version of the spider that he had put in the "going in" device that Mike had access to, at the time. I would say that is probably why the person said "go scare the girls" since even at seven years old it was being questioned by everyone whether I liked girls or not because of something I supposedly did to Paul Henry Gerson Jr.
Really though; it was only because Neil was dealing with Mike, and I was not aware that Neil had put my soul/mind in the Spider's mouth. That is; the real electromagnetic wormhole Spider not the one that is on the site in Colorado at: The Tangled Web We Weave When We Practice To Deceive
So, what happened in Colorado, at the Ramsey's? Why hasn't the DNA evidence been released when all of the cold cases that are being done now are using DNA evidence to re-open them? Why did a person, that said she knew Paul J. Hogan come to Columbus, and track me down? Why did she have the  hyphened name of  Susan Ramsey Nelson. Is she related in some way to the Ramsey's?. Why had the Ramsey's lived in West Virginia, where Patsy Ramsey was a fashion model? Why had also lived in the Atlanta Georgia area. Why was there a ransom note written? Why were so many errors in spelling on the note if it was done by a "small group". Why did J Mark Carr come from the Thailand area saying he was a "child molester" when child molester's don't write ransom notes. Please don't forget child molester's can be people that put bruises all over someone's arms also.