Fly In The Spyders Mouth

Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Result Of The Spider In The Physical Sense

First of all the Spider-man movies and comic books do not like children. Parents buying clothing with Spider-man logo's on them, are making a mistake. Where does the sacrament of communion come from? What is eating a host really about. These are a person that became my step-brother's exact words in the 1950's. "If you put in his mouth it will be all over". What might those words mean? And what would "his mouth" be?
Could it be that the Catholic church has engaged in, for a long time, of offering up a Pisces soul for their (G)host and (D)evil Spider 

In the 1970's the Doors were considered, by some people not myself, as one of the premier rock and roll groups. Jim Morrison, and the unusual sound were very attractive to audiences. But, I think Jim Morrison, being so close to what was going on, had their problems. 
Jim Morrison died in Paris, France from a poison associated with Spider Venom. That is supposedly the Seti Roma (Gypsy) way of dying.
Long after his death someone, and I can guess who, sued the State of Florida for an indecent exposure charge against Jim Morrison. How much time did Jim Morrison spend in the New Orleans area. What caused Mr Morrison to be interested in Voodoo? That is supposedly the reason he ended up killing himself with the poison. The original "Back Door" man!
Is anyone familiar with back doors in the form of connecting nothingness to the world that the human race lives in?