Fly In The Spyders Mouth

Sunday, January 15, 2012


The media just marches on when nothingness is dragging  a Fly in the Spiders mouth without me knowing it was happening. In 1963, someone became my "step mother" stated that if I received an "A" on a subject, she would provide the green fees for a day of golf gulf at Plantation Coutry Club. I did not get an "A", but in 1965, just after we moved to Columbus, not something our dad ever wanted to do, they filmed CaddyShack, on location, at Plantation Country Club. They obviously do not need to film a movie on location at anywhere unless Hollywoodland is being instructed by someone to do so. Who would that be? I would not know, but it is done for a reason. In the movie there are couple of sceens that come to my cranium that I think are relevant to our house, in 1963. One of the sceens is Bill Murray holding a hose. A sceen my brother, and step brother would be very familar with, since they were created from a child putting his thumb in his mouth. The fact that a squirrel had been substituted for a gopher, and the intention was to get rid of all of the gophers is a real important issue. CaddyShack, became an issue again with someone that worked at Sears Industrial, but lived in the Minnepolis St Paul area, with Minnesota Gophers as the College team, and part of the Big 10