Fly In The Spyders Mouth

Friday, January 20, 2012


The movie Psycho has personal meaning for me because of something that was going on at the time. It has personal meaning because the person carrying out the stalking of me pretended to be an investigator. You might not think that could happen in the United States where justice is supposed to be a top priority, but it did. The reason it happened is a reason that most people refuse to think is possibly, and yet they think G-d exists. Who do they think G-d really is? If you asked them to describe G-d what would they say? Why don't they try to reconcile G-d and science. Why are scientists that deal on a level in which they cannot deny that there has to be something more come out and say that there is a G-d? 
So, here is what my explanation of why something happened in Ft Lauderdale that matches what the movie Psycho is about. It matches the movie because it has to match the movie. 
There was someone that came to Florida pretending he was working for my brother. Of course it would not be the kind of hiring that would think, and the job was not a job anyone would normally think of as a type of job to be hired for. My brother was 11 years old, and he "saw" something that scared him so much that he called a telephone number listed on a G-d document that was sent to our house. I am not speaking of a G-d document that you would ordinarily think of as a G-d document I am speaking about something similar to something on paper that resembles the description of an Ark.
If you are familiar with the movie, and I am sure most people are, it is the Bates Motel that is the focus of what can happen when the world collides with human life. The peep hole that Norman Bates peeks through is only a symbol of the other world seeing into our lives. But it can also be that someone that was in Florida, and pretending to investigate was not really investigate was not really investigating at all. In fact he was only there to spy on people. I failed to mention something a long time ago that I really don't know why I did not. Maybe I really forgot. Maybe, I was giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I hoped that our "new family" was something that was going to be good after we had lost or mom and our dad had lost his wife Betty Louise Gates, I don't know. Anyway, the person that was supposed to be an adopted child, of the person, my dad was talked into marrying after his first wife passed away said to me that he used to watch his then "step-mother" naked in the swimming pool. If I would have thought then, and I didn't that that person could not be his step-mother if he wa watching her naked in the swimming pool, but I didn't. I now know that the person my then to be _"step-brother" was really watching was our mom making Ice Tea. The person that was then to our stepmother found out and proceeded to do something as a way to tell him that she really did not like someone spying on our household from the Boston area. 
So, the movie was, in a way, an exact representation of what was going except for the knife in the physical sense. Even the knife has it's origin in our lives in the form of the school that my brothers were going to. The school is or was because the name has been changed from Central Catholic High School to St Thomas. I never went to the school, but my two of my brothers and my then to be step brother and sister did. The school symbol was a Pirate with knife in his mouth, but for some reason about that time they decided to change the school symbol that was only intended to be just that a school symbol. They decided to take the knife out of the Pirates mouth. Why did they do that? Could it be that there was something around that in order for them to blame someone else for what they were caused a Catholic school to change the Logo just to cover up for what they really were themselves.
So, here is the part that really connects what happened in our house, at the time, and a part of the movie. I think the first time, and they never, and I mean never came over while our mom was alive even thought they had been talking to my two other brothers for 5 years, they came over the person that was posing as the "invest gator" came into the bedroom that I was trying to sleep in, which had been our mom and dad's bedroom, and proceeded to take a fly swatter and hit me over and over saying that because I did not unplug the toilet that he had told me to do I caused the toilet to overflow. He had never told me to do that ever. I think he was trying to connect something that I was not even aware had happened and it related to the Tesla Coil that my brother thought he was supposedly doing for me in which he could "hear and not hear" at the same time one day of the so-called invest gator in his house in the bathroom. Why would he use a fly swatter to hit me while I was trying to sleep, and think that was a just a joke, and laugh about it the whole time he was doing it? Could be that I was already his FLY in a SPider's mouth? When the movie was first shown on TV we were living as a "Family" in Plantation, and my stepmother said to me, as we were watching the movie that I probably should not watch because I might turn into a violent person. 
I have never been a violent person, and I can prove it. But the person that was sitting next to me, at the time, had been and was while I was living in the same bedroom with him.
THe lAst liNe In tHe MoVie is, in a girls voice: I WoNT EvEn SwAT A FiY while he was in a straight jacket.