Fly In The Spyders Mouth

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Purple Gang

That Spider using his FLY sure does get around doesn't HE

The FBI has had the Purple Gang on its most wanted list since the 1930's, and Al Capone as Mr Miami or Uncle Al. Certainly not a OWL as in the "Occurrence at Owl Creek", shown to our school. The movie was really about someone that try's to make over an abyss but in the end does not make it.The reason I know that the Purple Gang in fact lived in our house is that someone using a machine that deals with nothingness, in the Buddhist sense, or to put in more material terms defining of zero.
The Purple Gang has been showing up in a lot of places although, it seems, the FBI is not aware of how many. The people that became a part of household from Boston painted everything purple. Then there was the song "One eyed One horned fly in a purple people eater" If you look at the graphic associated with that song you will see the abyss in the form of vacuum. Then there is the gopher that is an imposter for a squirrel that was out in Minnesota with a team called the Minnesota Vikings that had people running with banners calling themselves the purple gang. Then there was Clyde Honermann a sales rep for Sears Industrial sales that helped someone, without realizing it to steal Sears Industrial