Fly In The Spyders Mouth

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rocky and the Flying Squirrel

My Wife Calls This a “God Wink”

Fly in a Squirrels Mouth

The picture to the left, that I just found on the internet was originally intended to be Bambi, and the sqirrel that was in our tree, in the front yard of house. They were never intended to be famous it was just a large foot that stepped on our house    
I prefer to use the words of the Zen philosopher Leon Spinks: “Freaky Deaky.”
Our dad had an interest in the Civil War, and about 20 books on the subject when I was about 7 years old. He also took us to Tennessee, to visit the battlefields, related to the Civil War. Little did we know that due to a trip Ruth Gerson, asked me to come on, through our mom (now deceased) the Spider had us in its sights, because of the fly in the spiders mouth the Lord of the Flies caused. That person sent an Arc document to our house, through  the postal service in the 1950's. I am calling it an Ark document because the Ark of the Covenant was created using the sign Pisces, for which I am, and a Goat not a Boat. In another way it is Capricorn the Goat using Pisces mind/soul. The sign Pisces is in fact two Arc's )(, or overlapping circles if extended. Mr Bubble, Hubert Humpfrey, that someone had changed from a rule in, hide and seek, was changed because all they really have are families related to  Baron Von Rothschild. A family that includes Adolf Hitler, who would be familiar with Australia and Austria. Those are things that I could not figure out from Eric Schwing, who I did not know, and still do not know to this day.  
Bullwinkle, and Rocky the Flying Squirrel would not be the type of Squirrel that our mom would have thought to be something she would call a squirrel model for our house. I,  by the time that this cartoon show, that was about german spies, was not something our household had anything to do with, and why it was turned into a children's cartoon in the first place does not make much sense
By this time this cartonn show  I was being dragged as someone else's fly, and pulling a train for someone. This is just one place that I was pulled by someone's connection to the world and the media. This was created by the same people that created "The Huckleberry Hound Dog Show". The beginning of the show included a stage coach very similiar to the stage coach that was on the front of our house at 1458 SW 19th ave.