Fly In The Spyders Mouth

Friday, January 20, 2012

Flying Watermelon Pull TOy

Whether we want to admit it or not our lives are much more controlled than we care to accept. I used to go with our mom to the Kwik Check in Ft Lauderdale, and help her pick out a watermelon. I do not think that it really helped much because all of the watermelons were pretty good but our mom let me do it, and I really believed that it was helping. Then there was the movie that came out just after our mom passed away called "Day of the Jackal" The focus of the movie is that someone hired to be an assassin was using watermelons to shot at. But if someone was really an assassin why would he shot at watermelons? That really makes the movie something that is not really what it appears to be. 
Anyway the pull toy listed here was given to an "adopted brother" of mine as a Xmas present. If you really look at it you will see that it sort of looks like a FlY, with slices that come out on the sides like wings