Fly In The Spyders Mouth

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Viruses, and the Bambi Flower Connection

There is something that needs to be understood about how the world differs from the planet, and how my brother way of thinking, when he was just 11 years old, can confuse things if someone is allowed to avoid it, by saying my life is his life, not only in the physical life of my biological brother but the (G)o(d) life of what we call GOD. That supposedly includes three people that lived in our household as, but were being defended as though they were GODS, or aliens. "He has to stay in the program". Thinking that someone is telling someone to commit suicide was never the issue. "The End" the movie with Burt Reynolds, another archery "whiz" that shot against, maybe, archers bunker. The movie "The End" thinks that the planet is the world, and proceeds to suggest, like my biological brother, who thought he could run things because he had opened the document sent to our household. Even after our mom opened the document before he had, and she found it under his mattress, he still told her that he only had the document because he was going to help me get plastic surgery, or $1,000,000 dollars, both were lies. After our mom died he never helped me with anything, but they, that is the people living 3 miles from our house, even tricked our mom into believing that her son could have new ears with the plastic surgery that could be paid for by a "wish" . But after our mom passed and my dad ended marrying someone that was already married to the person we thought was her step-child they took all of the accounts just so they could have a stock portfolio. But none of this is really the point it is the Spider, that is the real spider, and the spider that Mike, to this day, thinks is the real spider that is the issue. The real spider does not look anything like a spider, or has eight legs. Mike used to call me a spider for reasons I could not figure out. Apparantly he thought that the person that was only about nine years old, and supposedly doing an "investigation" for our house was really showing him what I supposedly turned into, in a way I cannot figure out. My biological brother really thinks, to this day, that it is possible for me to physically turn into a spider. The same way he thought it was possible for me to turn into a hologram. 
The point of this is this, the spider that is on the site mentioning the Jon Benet Ramsey is the spider that I think the person that tricked, my biological brother into thinking was the spider, and in turn, with my brother telling our parents convinced our dad into thinking that is the way things are. For that reason the real issue is Jon spelled without the letter "H", as in Jon Benet Ramsey, not Jo(h)n Fine, or John is fine.  The people that caused J Mark Carr to say he killed Jon Benet Ramsey are the same people that control the human race for something that is not their fault. Who is the co-owner of this building, that plays guitar? He told me, when I was only trying to defend myself against character assassination that he somehow read into something I wrote myself, not that was written through me that I was somehow violent against woment. How old would the women be? Is there any connection between J Mark Carr and J Mark Ericcson.
The issue is this that the virus that has killed, at least 5000 people in China was started because of something the "invest gator" failed to see. That is if you take a part of a person's soul/mind and think that whoever handles souls/minds won't miss it, so it is ok to always use their formula, when it is not ok. My dad,  on a Saturday, when I was about 7 years old said that a Civet cat had left his smell in our car port, and it smelled just like a skunk, and it is the reason that the Sars virus is using Civet cats as a host to spread a virus. It is very important to realize that the Sars virus attacks the lungs.